Shh… Don’t Tell Anyone I am Gifted


Why do children feel ashamed to be gifted?

Why is there such a social stigma about children (or adults) being gifted?

Why does a parent have to hide this trait or tell their children to keep it to themselves?

But why do we say “Maybe they will grow up to be a lawyer or a doctor”?

Why do we say we value education… but only if everyone fits the normal mold?

I recently heard a parent tell me that someone was debating our school because the word “gifted” was in the name. It was not the first time I have heard this comment and I am sure it won’t be the last. But every time I hear that, it makes me sad because parents are ashamed their child is “gifted”. Wonder how that child feels? Wonder how they will perceive their abilities as they grow up?

Would this be the same parental attitude if the child was naturally a talented athlete verses being a talented student academically? 

Thank you Julie E. Creech for  this amazing perspective on how it feels to be gifted. Maybe it will provide insight for people that don’t understand.


Wow- This is a Gifted Individual

I just found this Ted Talks this week and I am so amazed at this man. He has faced so many obstacles and overcame them. I cannot imagine doing half of what he has done- intellectually, professionally, and physically. Amazing!!

Image from:

Challenges of Being Gifted

Another fantastic TED Talks about difficulties/challenges in being gifted. I do believe there is a big misunderstanding about what it means to be gifted and it is not easy or better. This is definitely worth 6:50 of time! Thanks to The Grayson School in Pennsylvania for posting it.


The other day I was asked about teaching by a twenty-something friend. Professionally she is in the financial world but is looking for a career change. She mentioned that she has changed companies for different reasons- mainly because she didn’t feel challenged. After a few jobs she realized that it was fulfillment she was searching for in her job. And she asked me about teaching…

Through our conversation, I quickly realized how sad it made me when I realized that she had not be encouraged to pursue this – either from the media or from her family. I am sad because I cannot imagine a better job than teaching. Changing a child’s life, affecting how their attitudes about school, and just seeing them learn is so incredibly amazing. When I am not teaching, I feel a piece of myself missing. I told her how much I loved it and how I could not wait for the day I was able to get back in the classroom. I hope that my days as a teacher are considered inspiring either for students or others to enter this amazing profession.

Anyways- here is my second favorite TED Talks. Rita Pierson is SO inspiring.

Another Admission…I love TED Talks!

Whoever invented TED talks is a genius. I love the short videos that deliver talks on a specific topic. I love that they are really only between 3-20 (on average) minutes long. I love that if I am eating lunch there is never any shortage of videos I can watch. I love learning a quick piece of information or hearing someone’s opinion about a topic. So this week I am going to try to find some of my favorites to highlight.

Here is my all time favorite…


Interesting Short Article about Benefits of Gifted Programs

I subscribe to a daily online gifted “newspaper” (that is what it looks like to me) and often find some great articles posted- Mr. Gelston Digest. Today, there was one about the power of gifted programs for students. Several great points were made but this one kinda stuck with me:

According to a recent report on high-achieving students, more than 7 in 10 teachers of these students surveyed noted that their brightest students were not challenged or given a chance to “thrive” in their classrooms. [1] Additionally, gifted students need gifted programming in many cases because the “general education program is not yet ready to meet the needs of gifted students” (p. 9) due to lack of general educators’ training in gifted education and the pressure classroom teachers face to raise the performance of their struggling students. [2] 

See more at:

Need More Holiday Ideas??


One of my favorite teachers I have worked with sent me this link over the weekend with some great toys, apps and books listed for gifted children. It is definitely worth scanning through the list.

I LOVE this toy: Zometool for math or spatial gifted children. They have lots of resources posted on the website for the toy- including resources for educators. I think this might be a learning tool we buy.

I found a review of the toy that showed how the toy works and would be great for gifted children.

Another one of my favorites that I think would lend to some really great discussions with gifted children was titled: Where Children Sleep. I looked at the pictures posted on Amazon- super idea but out of print and over $400. So I did find a link to some of the pictures in the book by James Mollison. Because I can’t let stuff go… I emailed the author to see if there was somewhere to buy the book. But he lives in Italy and I am sure is very busy.  (Guess what?!! I did hear from the author. The book will be in reprint early next year. I will have to keep an eye out for it.)

YEA!! More School Pics

In case you didn’t know… I am SUPER excited about our new location! I LOVE it (can you sense my emotions about this?!).

Here are a few more pictures… I am hoping to go by tomorrow and will get a few more.

The first picture is part of the common room. There is a small area with 6 bistro tables. Each table has 4 seats. Perfect for a class to eat here. It is also right near where the classrooms are located.

eating area

The two doors on either side of the front desk area lead to the hallway of classrooms. This front desk area is on one side of the common area and the eating area is directly across from it.

entry doors

Feeling so Thankful… More Pics too!

I have to say it was nice to really take a few days off this weekend and spend it with family. I LOVE Thanksgiving because I always get to see relatives that I haven’t seen in a while. But the past few days off has also given me time to reflect on how thankful I feel for people around me that have been supportive over the past two years on this adventure.

thanksgivingHow many of us could try to achieve our dreams without amazing people in our lives encouraging us? I feel incredibly lucky right now in my life and can’t wait to see where I am next Thanksgiving!


PS- Bet you thought I was going to put more pics of the school… coming tomorrow! 🙂

Our Amazing Location- Part 1

I cannot be happier with the location for our school. It has double doors (double security!), three HUGE classrooms, common area, eating area, fenced playground on the woods and I LOVE it.

Here are a few pictures of the three classrooms. Each classroom has access to a bathroom inside the room, sink area, windows, and plenty of space!!

I will post some more pictures this weekend.



classroom2a classroom3 sink area