Wow- This is a Gifted Individual

I just found this Ted Talks this week and I am so amazed at this man. He has faced so many obstacles and overcame them. I cannot imagine doing half of what he has done- intellectually, professionally, and physically. Amazing!!

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Challenges of Being Gifted

Another fantastic TED Talks about difficulties/challenges in being gifted. I do believe there is a big misunderstanding about what it means to be gifted and it is not easy or better. This is definitely worth 6:50 of time! Thanks to The Grayson School in Pennsylvania for posting it.


The other day I was asked about teaching by a twenty-something friend. Professionally she is in the financial world but is looking for a career change. She mentioned that she has changed companies for different reasons- mainly because she didn’t feel challenged. After a few jobs she realized that it was fulfillment she was searching for in her job. And she asked me about teaching…

Through our conversation, I quickly realized how sad it made me when I realized that she had not be encouraged to pursue this – either from the media or from her family. I am sad because I cannot imagine a better job than teaching. Changing a child’s life, affecting how their attitudes about school, and just seeing them learn is so incredibly amazing. When I am not teaching, I feel a piece of myself missing. I told her how much I loved it and how I could not wait for the day I was able to get back in the classroom. I hope that my days as a teacher are considered inspiring either for students or others to enter this amazing profession.

Anyways- here is my second favorite TED Talks. Rita Pierson is SO inspiring.

Another Admission…I love TED Talks!

Whoever invented TED talks is a genius. I love the short videos that deliver talks on a specific topic. I love that they are really only between 3-20 (on average) minutes long. I love that if I am eating lunch there is never any shortage of videos I can watch. I love learning a quick piece of information or hearing someone’s opinion about a topic. So this week I am going to try to find some of my favorites to highlight.

Here is my all time favorite…