Why is Sensory Processing Disorder Important to me?


About a year ago our daughter was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder- and a parenting light bulb went off. All of a sudden, I started to really understand her. There was a reason about how she reacted to sounds, touch, smells, etc. It also explained why she loved to take off her diaper, why she HATED hats, why she was a picky eater, why she was clumsy, and why she loved the tag on her blankie. As a parent, it really helped me soothe her or know why certain things were a comfort to her.

However, with the diagnosis came criticism and realization that certain settings were detrimental to her. We recognized that she needed people around her that understood who she was and was accepting- not critical or belittling her. It has been a learning curve this year for us as parents. It is not an easy road and definitely not one she choose. I feel for the parents of children that have a it a lot worse than us.

My daughter is wonderful, resilient and I am absolutely in love with who she is and not what she isn’t. She is happy and loves to laugh and smile. She is sensitive to others and very kind. I am proud of her.

PS- I also recognized the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. I hate loud noises, never loved being in crowds, beeping noises drive me crazy, and hate the wind. 🙂


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