On My Soapbox- Lack of Understanding


Recently I read a great short article titled “How to Raise a Genius” about academically gifted young children. I thought the author () in a few words really described some of the characteristics of gifted children.

I was in awe of the comments at the end that readers had made towards the content and author. Sometimes I get caught up in my adventure and research about academically gifted children that I forget the discomfort and lack of understanding that some adults have about what it means to be a gifted child.

Maybe it is the word “gifted” that makes it offensive?

Let me clarify- all children have gifts and unique characteristics (as do adults). Everyone has strengths and weaknesses.  Some gifts are in arts, music, sports, academics, or a combination.

However, if one wrote an article about learning difficulties would they be criticized as much?  I am not saying one is better than the other or even comparing them with gifted children- just pointing out that is you are not educated in the characteristics and behaviors of gifted children then you cannot be so condescending. I am not educated in parenting children with learning difficulties so I could not begin to tell someone they are right or wrong in an article written about it.

This is my opinion and I am stepping off my soap box for today. But don’t worry I keep it close to my desk and will be back on it soon!

Photo by Thinkstock/Getty Images


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