Entertaining Toy- Great for Hand-Eye Coordination and Spatial Learning

I emailed some of my mom friends that have academically gifted children about toys. Since I am well aware of not knowing everything, I try to pull from my resources! Here is a recommendation from a mom of three boys- 7 years old, 6 years old, and a 3 years old.
Oh easy… we love Perplexus and Perplexus Jr.!  The boys literally fought over these when we got them and they intrigue anyone from 5-105!
gifted toy2
For those that enjoy handheld devices this is a good break from the ordinary screen driven world, but it will supply the same competitive results.  It’s easy to understand- get the ball from the starting position to the end position without derailing the ball.  Easy, right??  Wrong!  Both my boys and husband got this before I was able to claim success.  It requires critical thinking, hand-eye coordination, and a lot of patience.  And even after you solve the game it will leave you longing to do it time and time again!  Just today my son took it in the car on the way to church (which should give him bonus points for attempting to do it in a moving vehicle).  It’s a maze in a ball that will leave you enthralled! 🙂

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