Help me! Tablet Recommendations for Kids!

What?! It is November?! The holidays are right around the corner. I always feel a little stressed trying to balance how much money we spend and getting quality toys.  This year we are trying to decide on whether to get a tablet or not for my oldest.  I have to say I was very intrigued the other day when this popped up when I logged into Amazon:

tablet for academically gifted

Yes- I did watch the product tour and of course wanted to buy it right away. The fact that it is guaranteed for 2 years is amazing for a parent. But I wanted to do some homework comparing tablets. The difficult part of researching is determining if the website has been endorsed by specific products and is biased.

I need some help from fellow parents… any recommendations? 

Here are a few links to 2 other websites that compare tablets for kids:

Top tablets for kids: Your essential guide

It’s official: You’re buying a tablet for the kids. Since you’ve done all your homework with parts one and two of this Kids and Tablets series, you know what’s in store for you when you turn your young ones

Check out this story on


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