Tips on Effective Parent- Teacher Conferences

parent teacher conference

I am a huge supporter of parent-teacher communication. One important component of this is through conferences that are often held twice a year.

As a teacher, they were time consuming to prepare and to conduct.  I was often anxious or nervous to meet with parents. I can’t say I always enjoyed them as a teacher but I was always amazed at the power they had with the students and parents.

Now that I am a parent of a school- age child, I look forward to these meetings. It is a chance to ask personal questions about my child, gain a realistic idea of his strengths and weaknesses, and see his learning environment. It helps to build a bridge between home and school.

I love the tips in this article and believe they can be applicable to children of all abilities. I do have an article specifically about communication with your school for parents of gifted children. I will write a blog post about that soon…

Learn from my mistakes: What I wish I had done to get more out of parent-teacher conferences:


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