Testing, take 2

Printable Door Sign for Testing Week

As I was reading the research paper mentioned in yesterday’s post, I found a few quotes I felt was worth noting.  My post on Thursday will talk about how I sound like a hypocrite when it comes to testing…

“When instruction is wholly geared towards teaching to the test, critics argue, scores are unlikely to provide an accurate measure of student learning, problem solving skills or critical and higher-order thinking skills. (pg. 27)”

“Ideally, a good assessment motivates students and teachers to work harder, creating a richer learning experience. But in itself, working harder does not always result in higher test scores (Lin, 2002), and higher test scores do not always reflect richer learning. (pg. 27)”

“As noted previously, high-stakes testing programs do not encourage the kind of complex, authentic curricular or instructional practices that are necessary to challenge gifted students. (pg. 33)”

From: State Standardized Testing Programs: Their Effects on Teachers and Students


Tonya R. Moon
Catherine M. Brighton
Jane M. Jarvis
Catherine J. Hall
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, Virginia

Image: http://www.weareteachers.com/blogs/post/2014/03/13/free-printable-door-signs-for-testing-week


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