First Game Review

Here is my second confession (for a new blog, I seem to have lots to get off my chest!)- I love playing games, except Trivia Pursuit with my brother in law because I have NO hope of ever coming close to winning. In all seriousness, I love card games, board games, logic games… all types and my kids are finally getting old enough to play with me.

For my son’s birthday, one of my best friends got him a new game called “Hedbandz” and it is fun way to build on language skills. I would not recommend it for less than 6 years old because it does require listening and questioning skills that younger children developmentally don’t have yet.

Basically the game is putting a picture on your headband. You cannot see the picture but the other people playing the game can see it. The cards are varied- anything from food to types of transportation to various animals. The goal is to ask yes/no questions to determine what is on your headband.

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Educationally this game is fantastic. It teaches the children how to ask general questions, such as, “Does the animal fly?” instead of specific questions like, “Is it a flamingo?”, “Is it a pigeon?”. General questions help narrow down the topic much faster in the beginning than specific questions.

For classroom teachers this is a great indoor recess or quick time filler because it can be completed in short rounds and doesn’t last long. It would also be an exceptional tool in an English as a Second Language classroom to build on vocabulary. I loved how it reinforced recall of information because the child has to remember what has been learned from the questions already asked. Plus, it goes fast so children don’t get bored with it quickly.  Last, it teaches perseverance (and showed me my lack of it) and to stick with the card even if you can’t get figure it out right away.

The only difficult part for some children is not thinking too specific. For example, when my son was trying to determine the picture on his head, he would ask questions like, “Is it a scalloped hammerhead shark?” or “Is it a Nile crocodile?”.

Oh and last- don’t play it with a preschooler nearby. Mine kept telling us what was on our headband!

educational game

PS- No comments about the picture of me!


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