Why open a school?

I am often asked this by friends, family, and potential families. Why open a school? Simply, I love teaching and I truly believe my passion is working with gifted children. Academically gifted students’ emotional and learning needs vary from other children (not better or worse, just different). I think this is often misunderstood by the education system but also by parents. I want a place for these students to feel comfortable with themselves and learning, and teachers that do know challenges they face. No, I don’t think public school teachers are inept. In fact, nothing could be further from my thinking. I love the public education system and grew up in it. But I do believe some academically gifted students need an environment with  resources designed for them.

Sometimes, I want to respond to this simple question with “why not?”.

Ok… there are lots of reasons to not open a school (like money, time, my own two children, etc) but a wise person once said to me, “Even if you changed the life of one child, isn’t it worth it?” Thanks Dr. Rick Courtright- that is one of the reasons I keep at this adventure.

Picture from: http://blog.mearsmotors.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/confused.jpg


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